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LED displays

Our Mobile systems can create large-size displays mounted in a very short time. Mobile systems allow You to make small efforts of a great presentation of your company.

Žižgin offers Nimlok`s banners in the form of roll-up display and compact design, as a quick and easy solution to your performance.

Baner displej-roll up

Banner Display offers quick and easy solution for instant promotion or a better mark of the sale place. This detached commercial is easy to transport because of its small size, and it is easy to mount and unmount .

Thanks to the tension mechanism, the graphics are simply extended and retracts into the body roll up. If necessary, it is possible to replace the graphics on the banner, and construction can be used multiple times. It comes in handy bag with a handle.

Pop up displej-compact

Compact allows maximum mobility and can be integrated into a larger exhibition stand, creating a continuous surface for graphics background wall. It is lightweight and easy to install.

Through a standard depth and height compact allows the integration of curves and straight sections in the form of a unique exhibition, giving it an unlimited number of visual features.

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